About Jerni Creative

Think of the journey to content excellence like paving a road. From evaluating the soil, creating a strong foundation, and smoothing the asphalt, to maintaining and repairing those pesky potholes, the creation of successful content requires expertise and dedication. No matter which stage your journey is at, Jerni Creative can help.

Backing Jerni Creative is wordsmith Liz Jernigan. With over seven years of experience creating content for both print and digital, Liz will listen to your needs and create custom content solutions to support your goals.

  • Need content proofed or edited? I can do that.
  • Need to write a blog, a bio, or a business letter? I can do that.
  • Need help creating social media content for your business? I can do that.
  • Need your website copy revised, revamped, or started from scratch? I can do that.
  • Need a vacation? I can’t do that.

Email your content conundrums to lizjernicreative@gmail.com and let Jerni Creative whip up some solutions.